Vidéo : Clip Aikido – Bosnie 2009

Cette video a été enregistrée en Bosnie en Décembre 2009.

Daniel TOUTAIN y a été invité pour donner le 4e stage international Iwama Ryu à Prijedor (Bosnie – Herzegovine) au dojo de Jugoslav Jovanović.
Jugoslav Jovanović – Aiki Dojo Prijedor
Uke : Yann Besançon

Sur YouTube, voir et participer aux commentaires sur cette vidéo.

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  • Lucyna

    heh.. good question devvy. I have actually learned both, but I am better at skiing than martial arts. As a teenager I was keen on karate, but after serving in the army I started Aikido. Nowadays I’m too busy to go training martial arts. That’s a pity. That site seems to be a great site! I remember reading karate books some 20 years ago, which did not help much. Seeing instructions on video is a lot more helpful.

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