Iwama Ryu Aikido summer camp - Iwama Ryu Aikido


8th International Summer Camp
AURAY - Morbihan- France
02 - 08 Août 2008

Daniel TOUTAIN 6e Dan - Japon
Aikido Iwama Ryu



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Additional information

Daniel Toutain - AIKIDO
8 Rue du Gué
60520 La Chapelle en Serval - FRANCE

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There is 1 uchi deshi session after the summer camp.
Check out the uchi deshi page!


Aikido - Summer camp Iwama Ryu Centre Gabriel Deshayes
La Chartreuse
56400 Brech - Auray - FRANCE

(direction to Pluviguer, close to the train station in Auray)

In beautiful natural surroundings, with parks and magnificent views.
Access map with ViaMichelin.

Locations, Hotels, Campings

There is a lot of tourism in the region, so reserve as soon as possible.


Aikido 30 € / day / person (bed + breakfast + lunch)
Bring sheet/cover or sleeping bag.

Contact / Reservations:
Patrice Le Masson
+33 (0)2 97 56 31 81
+33 (0)6 89 85 94 25

The payment is to be done on arrival towards Patrice Le Masson.
For booking... plemasson@aol.com


Camping Tel
Camping du Port +33 (0)2 97 24 01 48
Camping du Parc Lann Le Bono +33 (0)2 97 57 93 93
Further info: Campings in Auray


Hotel Tel Web
Arcantis Yff +33 (0)2 97 56 44 56
Hotel du Loch +33 (0)2 97 56 48 33 www.hotel-du-loch.com
Le Branhoc +33 (0)2 97 56 41 55
Further info: Hotels in Auray

Bed and Breakfast

Chambres d'hote


Day Hours
Saturday 02
14h30 - 16h00 Welcome
16h30 - 18h30 Bukiwaza
18h45 - 20h45 Taijutsu
Sunday 07
→ Friday 08
06h30 - 07h30 Meditation - Suburi (optional and free of charge)
07h30 Breakfast at the center *
08h30 - 10h30 Bukiwaza
10h45 - 12h45 Taijutsu
13h00 Lunch at the center *
* Breakfast and Lunch are available (please register on arrival).

Dan Iwama Ryu Examination
Jour Horaire
Tuesday 05 August 17h00-18h00 Bukiwaza
Thursday 07 August 17h00-18h00 Taijutsu

Plus... Special keiko (4e Kyu and more)
Jour Horaire
Tuesday 05 August 18h00-19h00
Thursday 07 August 18h00-19h00
10 €/special keiko

Thursday 07 August : Party.

Some photographs from last-year's seminar

For pictures taken at previous summer camps... Visit the photo gallery.

The "Golfe du Morbihan"

Auray - Morbihan
Photo: http://www.auray-tourisme.com/golfe-morbihan.htm

AURAY is located in the Morbihan region (Department 56) on the south coast of Britany (Bretagne). The area has a microclimate. Temperatues are warm and comfortable. Summers are usually very nice. The charming old town is full of artistic and historical interest. It is situated close to the sea and offers many leisure activities.
The first week of August: The Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient

For more infomation, look at...