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Welcome, Bienvenido, Bienvenue, ようこそ, Benvenuto, Boa vinda, Mat ar jeu...

The aim of this site is to serve as an information and communication point for all students of Aikido who wish to deepen their understanding of this martial art.

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DVD Aiki Ken - Apr 01 2008

The two first DVDs "Fondamental 1 - Aiki-Ken" and "Fondamental 1 - Aiki-Jo" are available.
You can get it at the seminars lead by Daniel Toutain or at masamune-store.


RRS feed featured !- 09/01/2007

Aikido-France.Net now features an RSS feed giving you the ability to be notified simply and automatically.!
The english RRS feed of Aikido-France.net is here:

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The quotation of the week

One must remember that as one performs a Taijutsu technique one must be able to effect it in Bukiwaza following the same principles, and vice versa.
- Saito Sensei

Iwama Ryu International Academy

Iwama Ryu International Academy represents a school of Iwama Aikido. Iwama Ryu is the term that Morihiro Saito Sensei used to designate the authentic Aikido taught to him directly by the founder Morihei Ueshiba for more than 23 years in the Iwama dojo, Japan. The Iwama dojo was the founder of Aikido’s dojo.

Daniel Toutain was a pupil of Morihiro Saito Sensei and received the grade of 6th Dan Iwama Ryu Japan from him in March 2002.
Daniel Toutain, qualified teacher (Diplômé d'Etat), is the trustee of the Iwama school that he represents in France.

The Aiki Shuren Dojo France in Rennes is the central dojo of Iwama Ryu France. It is directed by Daniel Toutain.
There are many other dojos in different regions (see the list of clubs) that are affiliated with Iwama Ryu France. These dojos are recognised by Daniel Toutain as being representatives of the school and as such are authorised to use the name "Iwama" in France (lodged at INPI by Daniel Toutain in 1995).


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